Brian Imbus is an award winning entertainer that has become one of the most requested Hypnotists in the United States. He has performed for thousands of Colleges, Professional Organizations, and High Profile Events for over 20 years. Brian's high-energy performance will take the audience through a journey of imagination as Hypnotized volunteers will become the true stars of the show!


In this energetic performance, Brian will invite random volunteers to the stage to experience the state of Hypnosis. Hypnotized volunteers will escape to an altered state of reality as they may be taken to a rock concert or a trip to the most amazing vacation destination.
Brian's show is continuously evolving as he uses his ability to innovate routines that are original and unique to a variety of audiences. He strives to tailor his performance content to fit the needs of each and every unique client.

Two thumbs up...way up!

Ohio State University

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